1. Univshare :- Alternate to Pen Drives, Sharing Data Within ACIL Group.

                     Click on START >>RUN and type \\dlok01576\univshare (for Head Office users)

                     Click on START >>RUN and type \\mhsabs001\univshare (for Mumbai RO users)

                     Click on START >>RUN and type \\dlbs001\univshare (for Plumbing Division users)

                     Click on START >>RUN and type \\ptbs001\univshare (for ICCP Patna users)

                     Data Retention Period :- 15 Days

                     Best Practice :- Copy Paste, then Cut Paste

2. File Server :-Secured folder for every employee on file server (mapped as U:\ drive on   your system after successful logon)

                       Other user cannot access this secured folder.

3. Tally Remote :-Click on START>>RUN and then type MSTSC /CONSOLE and click OK

                       Then type '' under computer, then click CONNECT and write    your USERNAME & PASSWORD
4. FTP Server:-Transfer files from one host to another over a TCP/IP based network (Over Internet).

                      Alternate to send heavy (big files) as mail attachments. (Read More).